Latest bio-inertia preprint
Application of UV Quarantine® devices

The major parts of global COVID-19 casualties definitely come from the conventional quarantine system, such as masks, quarantine hospitals, and chemical sanitation, etc., can’t efficiently disinfect or remove the infected human respiratory air. To date, the most efficient and the only feasible method to sterilize infected human respiratory air is still utilizing UV radiation at 253.7nm with enough radiation strength. Various UVC radiation devices have been invented and used for over a century to sterilize the air. However, 253.7nm UVC radiation can't directly cast on naked human skin and eyes, people have to compromise to the 30 min protocol while they are not on-site. This way can substantially reduce infected respiratory air leftover for spaces; however, can't control the infected human respiratory air directly exhale from patients in a public region. The patented UV quarantine® method is targeted for these conditions. It integrates airflow sterilize process, human respiratory airflow inhale process, and UV protection process, which can effectively stop COVID-19 transmission among crowded people. It doesn’t employ a “filter” mechanism with convention but takes the infected air sterilization mechanism. Therefore, not only effectively avoid “saturation secondary infection” of the device but also can sterilize infected respiratory air and some other devices. It is the only feasible way to deal with an airborne infection pandemic world.