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Challenges of Vaccines

The helpless weakness point of all vaccines intended for airborne SARS-VORS-2 comes from the human nasal respiratory region. People always live in the illusion that vaccines or antibodies in the blood can protect the whole body from any infection. However, the fact is no matter how many human neutralizing antibodies (HuNAbs) inside the blood, either activated by vaccination, directly inject HuNAbs or activated from the last infection, they only can reduce infections in the lungs but can do nothing for the viruses in the nasal turbinates. The immunity efficiency of blood HuNAbs for nasal regions and for lungs is absolutely different [1]. 

The fundamental reason is vaccines or antibodies only can work inside the blood, and there are a lot of nasal hairs which blood circulation can’t access. Therefore, no matter how many antibodies inside the blood, how powerful these antibodies to the coronavirus, or the length of immunity, etc; coronaviruses live quite happy on the nasal hair “protections”. On these dense and moisture nasal hairs, there are a lot of dander, detached epithelial cells, or secrets, etc., that benefit the survival of coronaviruses. These viruses can even proliferate on the nasal hairs with these detached epithelial cells and nearby nasal epithelial region, finally, become the basecamp of viruses for later invading.

The so-called term "asymptomatic infection" also comes from here. While coronaviruses only reach and proliferate in the human nasal turbinates (hairs), the person will then demonstrate "asymptomatic infection", undetectable for a test like a throat swab or an anus swab; however, still transmissible to other peoples. Only after these viruses further invade other parts of the body, a patient can be tested to confirm the COVID-19 infection.   

Some people have realized the weakness of the nasal region and then design nasal spraying vaccines. These types of products still do not solve the problem. Vaccines need to function with blood, on the nasal hair, no blood available; these sprays become too weak to kill the coronavirus on the nasal hair clusters. No matter people vaccinate from injection or by means of the nasal region, immunity can only function inside blood; therefore, the viral eradicate functions of the sprays are even lower than spraying common sanitizer. However, if people choose to spray common sanitizers instead of vaccines, then the users need to spray every 5 minutes while they expose to a high concentration of viruses. This way of spraying is definitely impracticable. 

The best way for nasal protection is still our UV quarantine devices. It can block airborne SARS-VOR-2 viruses in an extraordinarily higher efficiency before they can reach nasal hair.  Even some viruses finally reach the nasal hair, the ozone produce by the UV quarantine devices persistently go through nasal hair will still kill them effectively. Therefore, no matter you vaccinate or not, using UV quarantine devices is your only wise choice. Our products not only possess the ever-known highest efficiency for blocking airborne infection but also effectively contribute to environmental protection. Each unit of products equivalent to 3000 common masks; this amount of conventional masks will produce 11kg of garbage after use; For N95, that will produce 36kg of garbage. However, each unit of our products only produces 0.6-0.9kg garbage. You will reduce COVID-19 protection garbage to 2.5% - 5.4% by simply using our products instead of common masks.                                         

[1] Zhou, D.Y. et al. Robust SARS-CoV-2 infection in nasal turbinates after treatment with systemic neutralizing antibodies. Cell Host & Microbe, 29, 1–13(2021). Doi:10.1016/j.chom.2021.02.019