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UV-shine has been identified and validated by Innoen® non-profit organization as the leading critical control point for the 2019-nCoV virus propagation on Feb. 5, 2020. This technological identification strongly recommended that from family items such as bedclothes, masks, and clothes, rooms, etc., till all available public passages and assembly ranges such as retail stores, gyms, supermarket, hospital, cinema, libraries, meeting rooms, lecture halls, churches, flea markets, bank counters, custom passages, airports, commutation stations, and all manufacturing regions, etc., should be equipped with enough number of remote-controlled UV lights with administrations based on local potential risk levels. Remote-controlled is for avoiding direct shining on naked human skin and regulating with enough personal protections in severe contagious regions or prevent radiations while humans on-site for less severe areas. Definitely, all the UV lights should compose of explosion resistant safety glasses to comply with glass policy if affordable. UV radiation can effectively replace routine precautions such as masks, protective clothes, chemical sanitation, and quarantine with lower cost under infectious disease emergency conditions.
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